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Broadhempston Village Timeline

The Local History Group have been working on a timeline of events which helped shape Broadhempston village over the centuries.

A draft was prepared for display in the Church during the Secret Gardens event on 2nd June. The display provoked much useful discussion and comment.

Once completed, the timeline will be on permanent display on a purpose built stand in the South Aisle of the Church.

The timeline is split across seven tiles as shown in the images below. We welcome all comments and feedback on the style of display and the content.








19th Century Restoration of Broadhempston Church

This display was prepared for the recent Secret Gardens event to exemplify how the Vicar of the time, Frederick Townshend Chamberlain, had worked tirelessly to restore the Church of St Peter & St Paul in Broadhempston.





If you have any further information on Frederick Townshend Chamberlain, or his family, please respond by leaving a comment.

A Secret Message!

This article appeared in the Broadhempston, Landscove, Staverton, and Woodland Parish News in April 2019. It was written by Pam Perriman and Chris Parker.

When the builders were removing the old plaster work from the wall in the South Aisle [of Broadhempston Church], they uncovered behind one of the plaques a bottle containing a message.


Remains of bottle

The message was dated 1897 and stated that the plaque, which itself was dated 1601, had been found under the floor of the Chancel by members of the local Atwill family. Not in itself particularly revealing, but it was lovely to think that it had been carefully placed there over 120 years ago.


1897 Note written by Vicar – Frederick Townshend Chamberlain

We replaced the message when it had been found, and added a message of our own. It is interesting to cast one’s mind forward another 120 years and wonder what legacy we will have left those future generations.


Memorial Plaque